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"After 6 years of addiction I got clean in 2017 from heroin" #musicmoney x Bassic

Updated: Feb 13, 2021

Where are you from?

From: Rockwall, TX (suburb of Dallas, TX, born and raised) Right now living into my first house in the area, I moved in about a year ago.

Describe your sound:

I've produced rap/hip hop records, mixed beats for R&B artists, I've put out a song (Blue) featured on Spotify Lofi stations, I've put out a song (Wild Animals) featured in an article written by EDM Nations, my next single (The In-Between) signed by Selecsounds in France is has a lot of "tame impala, Psychedelic rock" inspired stuff. My sound just kinda describes me as a person, all over the place, a different day on a different beat. I like to have a broad perspective and strive to create sound anyone could like, regardless of their favorite genre. You can see this by example in my Spotify curated playlist Bassic Inspirations.

#musicmoney x Bassic

Tell us about your latest track:

There's a few in the pipeline at the moment, my latest single "Blue" has done really well. An ambient guitar track you get lost in, it was my fastest song to reach 30k equivalent sales. Tomorrow, July 14th, I have an EP I created back in the day using only a guitar, a small 226 and GarageBand. It's called "Back To Bassic's", available everywhere at midnight, 3 upbeat electronic songs, also the first 3 songs I ever created, using simple equipment, the staple definition of Bassic. I also have a track releasing before August, "The In Between", I'm working with Selecsounds in France on that one, it's a piano melody that flows into a nice guitar riff, then to an intense beat. Also working on a few songs with the homie Jaxamilli, might turn into an EP, so we'll see where that goes. I've got my hands in a few projects right now that's for sure.

Who inspires you?

Kevin Parker, Still Woozy, Mac Miller, Freddie Gibbs. I'm also inspired a lot by my past, I've failed a lot in my life, I struggle immensely with depression and anxiety, all of that is fuel for me to keep going and produce music and sound that can be a light in this world.

Where do you see your career in 5 years?

Honestly, not much different. I plan on continuing to make sounds and music for artists to work with and people to enjoy. Producing, touring, living in music. You might end up finally hearing me sing one day or something, that's probably about as crazy as it'll get lol.

Where can we check out your sounds:

You can find my music on my website:

It's on every major platform!

Tell the people something they need to know: After 6 years of addiction, I got clean in 2017 and I am 3 years clean from heroin as of May 2020.

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