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Chicago native and member of 90s R&B group @joimarshall releases new Chicago Soulstyle single

Where are you from?

I am from the 90's R&B group, Jade. From Chicago, IL

joi marshall interview with #musicmoney

Tell us about your sound:

My sound is Chicago stepping music and R&B sound

Tell us about your new project:

Track is called "Love Language"

Who inspires you?

I'm inspired by good lyrics and good instrumental of all genres

Where do you see your career moving forward:

Jade recently celebrated our 25 year anniversary. I supposed I will just keep going.

Chicago native and member of 90's R&B group, Jade, Joi Marshall releasing new Chicago Soulstyle single "Love Language" for lovers on Valentine's Day 2018! After teaming up with writers/producers Johnny Moog & Andre' Writer of Legacy Global Music Group, Joi Marshall is going back to her Chicago Soul music roots. Her new single, Love Language" marries the great lyrics she's accustomed to from the 90's with her group, Jade, with new sounds from today's music scene to blend a perfect cup of soulful R&B that she grew up on. In addition, Joi is currently launching her new official website to dig deeper into the subject of love language and how we can all avoid breakups if we understand and speak the language of our love interests.

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Check out her YouTube channel for her new music video for the "Love Language" single and other videos that preach the topic of better self-love and loving others "the right way." Joi Marshall came to on the R&B music scene in the 1990's with the multi-platinum group, Jade, who released hit singles "Don't Walk Away," "Everyday of the Week," and "Mr. Do Right" to name a few. They traveled the world touring with groups like Silk, Shai, SWV and others in the genre bring their brand of New Jill Swing to millions. Joi went on to lecture via Ted Talks, and university tours, worked behind the scenes in television and film and authored a book "Answers to the 20 Most Asked Questions About the Music Business" and is now returning to her first love of good 'ole fashioned soul music. Please get in touch with Felicia Pugh at for interviews or promo copies of “Love Language.” Official Website:

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