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I am what would happen if the gangster rap from LA and the sounds of H town got together @guapmode

Where are you from?

I’m a Nicaraguan kid born in east LA, California but raised in Houston Texas .

latin trap promotion

Describe your sound:

My sound is a combination of cultures. It is what would happen if the gangster rap from LA and the screwed up sounds of H town got together and had a Spanish baby

Tell us about your latest track:

My latest track no Como Yo is a straight up party track. There’s no much more to it than that haha. The video pretty much sums it up for that song. It was inspired by a crazy weekend of partying with friends in Miami.

Who inspires you?

The artists that inspire me are daddy yankee, De la Ghetto, Arcángel, Romeo Santos, 6lack and Wiz Khalifa.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

In 5 years I see re up records being a full service record label with a production company Included. Not only focusing on bringing success to my career and projects via touring, merchandising, sales, etc. But also doing it for other talented artists.

Where can we check out your music?

You can check out my music on all major digital platforms!

Tell us something people need to know...

I just want people to know before they hear me that they’ve never heard anything like this before. This isn’t riding somebody else’s wave or sound or flow. It’s a combination and style that the Latin culture or the world hasn’t really heard before.

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