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"Music is always on my mind" #musicmoney meets Chicago artist @vernardsings

Tell us about your latest project:

Latest track is a hard core r&b song. Bringing back real r&b music with meaning. Lyrics that are catchy and singable.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I see myself on tour in 5 years or a resident singer at a prominent singing house. Doing what i love Full-Time.

Who inspires you...

Music is my life. Music is always on my mind.

Where can we check out your music?

You can check me out on all Digital platforms and if you wanna see me live, bring me to your city. We work with all promoters.

Tell us something the people need to know:

Finally, most people don't know that I'm inspired by entrepreneurs.

With a bright vocal future, it’s no wonder that Vernard ended up choosing “The City of Music,” Nashville, TN to continue his academic studies and develop his voice at historic Fisk University. While matriculating at Fisk, Vernard auditioned and was selected to be a member of the world renowned Fisk University Jubilee Singers. During his three years with the Jubilee Singers, Vernard traveled throughout the United States and Europe. As a Jubilee Singer, he performed at the Millennium Celebration in Assisi, Italy held at the tomb of St. Francis of Assisi “dropping the ball” on live television broadcast countrywide and before a live crowd of nearly 100,000 people.

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At the United Nations he shared the stage with Grammy Award winning artists Bono and Wyclef Jean for the Race Against Poverty Awards Ceremony as eight world leaders signed an historic agreement to eradicate world poverty, including the United States President William Jefferson Clinton. Vernard’s live vocals were further shaped in Music City performing alongside Grammy Award winning artist Shania Twain, center stage at The Grand Ol’ Opry (Ryman Auditorium) for The Country Music Awards.

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