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Over 15million record sales, 3X platinum multi-awards winning @domcapuano speaks to #musicmoney

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

Over 15million record sales, triple platinum multi-awards winning music composer and music producer @domcapuano speaks to #musicmoney

An Italian-born Los Angeles-based multi-awards winning music composer and music producer for pop music, electronic music and orchestra, goes from EDM to film scores. With over 15million record sales and some of the biggest production credits in the world, triple platinum Dom is an industry legend.

Dom Capuano Interview #musicmoney
Dom Capuano Interview #musicmoney

As a composer, he has worked on movies with worldwide distribution for various studios including SONY Ent. Lionsgate and STUDIOCANAL. He has also worked on film shorts, video games and on corporate videos for international brands such as Ferrari, Pininfarina, Alfa Romeo, L’Oreal. His work also includes working on the television themes for the Italian series Ninja Turtles and Disney’s Chimatemi Gio.

His production credits are some of the biggest in the industry, having worked on music for internationally famed artists such as Eiffel 65’s album Europop, which reached the third spot on the Billboard Charts and sold over 3.5 million copies in the U.S. alone.

In addition, artists that he has collaborated with and re-mixed international hits for include Tony Braxton, S-Club 7, Jean Michel Jarre, Alphaville, Laura Pausini, Kool & the Gang, Aqua, and many others. They have won a combination of over 20 awards and sold over 20 million copies worldwide.

Where are you from?

I am an Italian-born but since 2012 based in Los Angeles.

Describe your sound:

My sound is a hybrid of electronic techno and orchestral sound, the mood range goes from ambient to EDM.

Where can we check out your sounds?

You can check my music all over the digital platforms online and on my

Tell us about your latest track:

Lately I worked on many different projects. Last scores of the movies Richard The Lionheart: Rebellion and Branded are really different and I am glad to have got such a freedom to express my self artistically. About my electronic project I am going to release 2 singles with 2 amazing artists such “Won’t You Be Mine” featuring Krystle Simmons and “Guns And Roses” featuring IAGO which is distributed worldwide on various platforms.

One of my last works includes a brand new on-line advertising of “New Era Caps” for the new season 2017-2018 featuring my composition score “The Battle is in Your Hands”.

Who inspires you?

Everything and All Music around the world : I am really into classic music but it is always contaminated of new vibes so I don't really have an answer and it is just about my taste and sensibility.

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