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"I am a quiet asshole with big heart" @agoodrogering x #musicmoney

Where are you from?

Austin, TX... the musical melting pot of the south.

Describe your sound:

Eclectic Heavy-Rock

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Tell us about your latest project:

Our latest single, 'Out of Reach', is a melodically & lyrically driven track laden with acoustic guitar. It's a departure from most of the band's prior material, particularly our latest video, 'This is Death Metal', which offers an animated, satirical glimpse into the genre, depicting death, monsters, over-the-top windmill head-banging, and an impaling unicorn. Courtesy of the brilliantly twisted mind of Eric Alan Livingston.

Our brand new April 1st release is a revamp on our song 'Mr. Peanut', which pays homage to 70s funk and a hip Persian cat. We've basically covered everything from a1980s style TV theme song, 'Pilot', to a classical piano piece, 'Prelude in G minor', but most of our music is reminiscent of our hard rock metal roots... hence the phrase "eclectic heavy-rock".

Who inspires you?

So much music is inspirational; metal, rock, jazz, blues, classical, country... Where do I start? A few primary influences that heavily comprise our sound would be the cliche classic metal titans like Metallica, Megadeth etc. Alice In Chains & the early 90s grunge bands, Faith No More & most things Mike Patton. Ozzy, Sabbath & BLS, Clutch, Pink Floyd, some elements of Type O Negative & The Doors. That's just the tip of the iceberg. I didn't even mention countless guitarists, pianists, composers or The Beatles.

Where do you see your career in 5 years?

Who knows. The music business, or lack thereof, is ever changing and confusing as hell. Fame? fortune? Sounds great, but I'm not holding my breath. Making a decent living and putting out music I believe in, for fans that I resonate with, is what I want. Finding the right label and/or distributors that can facilitate this seems like a good, somewhat realistic goal. I'd be happy with that.

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Where can we check out your sounds:

We're on all the typical social media platforms and there are links to those we are most active on at I mostly use Facebook along with some Instagram, mostly. I haven't crossed over to the world of SnapChat and applied rabbit ears and dog noses to all of us.

Tell the people something they need to know:

I'm a quiet asshole with a big heart; a moderately naive romantic too stubborn to be beaten into submission by the overwhelming brutal truths of this "business". An eternal weirdo artist and damn proud of it.

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