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“Surrounded by world rhythms in my home country, I began learning music at an early age” @JustinFaye

Where are you from?

I am originally from Senegal but based in Colorado USA now.

Describe your sound:

New feelings of blues and rhythm are delicately sprinkled on the base of his Senegal influenced lively composition. The performances of this passionate artist captivate the listener with a distinct cultural energy. Faye has taken that early Senegalese influence and brought it to new shores.

Tell us about your latest track:

Funky and Soul influenced Justin Faye Great and Unique voice can be heard on his latest releases: Let Me Smoke Your Sweet Lips Again. Its title immediately suggests passion and memories resounding in the dreamy corridors of the mind. It thrusts forward into play with a fruity synthesizer and a happy upbeat style. Funky and slightly jazz influenced chords bring forth a sunny energy which acts as the red carpet for drums, voice, and melody. Truly fun to listen to and dripping with classic characters we can all grow to love.

Who inspires you?

Surrounded by world rhythms in my home country, I began learning music at an early age when my father began teaching me vocal techniques. I also used to listen to Motown music and practice the vocal ranges !

Where do you see your career in 5 years?

I believe that I will progress and the world will find out more good music from Justin Faye

Where can we check out your sounds?

My music is available in all major digital music platforms or my website:

Tell us something about yourself that people need to know:

@ #16 Get The Kick Remix by Justin Faye hit US TOP20 Chart in April 17th, 2021, a Weekly Syndicated Radio Show Hosted by Grammy Award Winner "Al Walser" Broadcast from Hollywood, Los Angeles, USA on Hundreds of Radio Stations to over 50 Countries.

Also, Justin Faye scored 1 Finalist and 4 Semi Finalists in 5 different categories in The 2020 UKSC / United Kingdom Songwriting Contest ! "Diamond In The Mud" written & composed by Justin Faye is Finalist in the RnB / Urban Category. Faye's debut single "Get The Kick Club Mix" hit US NATIONAL AIRPLAY (DRT) TOP 150 Indie Global Airplay Charts & Remained on Artist SPOTLIGHT & CHARTS for 10 consecutive weeks peaking @ #100 in Summer / Fall 2019.

His track "Bree Tree" is among the Colorado Music Award WINNERS of COMBO's 2019 Songwriting Contest ! Source: Colorado TOP 200 / TOP 100 & TOP 40 EURO INDIE MUSIC CHARTS: Bree Tree (TOP 40), Get The Kick Remix (TOP40), Diamond In The Mud (TOP 100). 2 SINGLES IN THE WORLD INDIE MUSIC CHARTS TOP 100

"Bree Tree" in the TOP 20 & "Get The Kick Remix" in the TOP 40 !!!

"Get The Kick Remix" Hit #01 & "Bree Tree #02 on FORMULA INDIE Radio Show & TV Network Powered by European Indie Music Network, England UK!

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