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From starring in Jersey Girl to making her way in music @RaquelCastro is bringing the vibes with her

Describe your sound:

The sound I’m creating for myself is POP with some jazzy/r&b/funky vibes. I like to call it HipPop. As a writer, I also enjoy writing and collaborating with other artists/DJs and being able to be creative and free.

Raquel Castro interview #musicmoney

Tell us about your latest track:

“U Make Me” is a super feel good song. Definitely an awesome track for the summer. I was working with some DJs that I met over the summer and then they brought The Disco Fries on the track and that was that. Very lucky to be able to collab with them. They’re very talented and awesome guys.

Who inspires you?

Amy Winehouse is a huge inspiration to me. I also grew up listening to Sinatra & Tony Bennett with my father. Love Norah Jones. And I was really big on 90s R&B. Jennifer Lopez inspires me on all levels and I’d hope to follow in her footsteps in all aspects of her career, a real business woman!

Where do you see your career in 5 years?

I’d hope to just be successful doing what I love. Whether it’s writing for other artists or touring my own music. Being able to be consistently creative makes me happy.

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Where can we check out your sounds?

U MAKE ME ft. The Disco Fries is out now on Enhanced Music! You can also find it on:

Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud etc.

Tell us something about yourself that the people need to know:

I started as a child actor when I was 4 years old. I’ve been in the industry for 19 years now and I feel like I’m just getting started. Most of my success was from the age of 7-12 when I played “Gertie” in Kevin Smiths film “Jersey Girl” alongside Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez, Liv Tyler & George Carlin.

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On a more personal level, I’m a normal girl who really enjoys making music and entertaining people and I hope to bring back authenticity to our generation.

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