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"Music has always been my therapy" @mikedigg talks No Succa Shit

Presenting one of the hardest mixtapes in the streets. With features from 50 Cent (who knows a thing or two about the culture), Young Dolph and Orlando Brown, amongst others.

The new tape is an incredible body of work... tell us how it came about?

It ended up having several different feelings because it was aint different points of my life i tried to capture them on certain songs.

You have some big features, tell the people about those:

Yea i try to do feats with new artists or people you wouldn't expect . It was a good experience working with Orlando. He is Dope and ofcourse 50 ... I had to put my boy Ralph on the project. I got respect for him. He has been putting in work for a min . I Fuq with the underdawgs!

What have you got planned coming up?

Hmmm just to stay busy add to my SODM label portfolio , make hits and stay prayed up !

How did you get involved in music?

Music has always been my therapy, broke, rich or inbetween i’d be doing music at some point.

Mike Digg interview

Apart from dropping No succa shit, what were some of the highlights of this year for you?

Starting my new label , doing a venture with tunetank and working with some new dope people ... seeing and hearing my song being played at mavericks games was a personal highlight tho

Let the people no how they can follow the movement:

Its only one Mike Digg lol Follow me on ig, twitter, soundcloud etc at MIKEDIGG .. I follow back too .. no succa $hit lol.

What's the music scene like where you are from?

I'm from va so growing up we had a big influence from ny .. dc etc but living in the south so long i think i'm a good balance.

Anything else you would like the #musicmoney family to know?

Appreciate the interview yall are Dope !! I see yall grinding - Salute

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