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"I see myself as one of those DJs who changed the game" in the chair with South Africa’s J Smash

"I am Uhone Luvhengo J-Smash. I am an 18 year-old Hip Hop Dj/Producer from Makhado/LouisTrichardt, Limpopo in South Africa. I have been inspired by Dj Khaled. I started as a producer for a group called Ghost Gang but things didn't work out, then I then decided to become a Dj and started sending out beats to various artists. In 2016 I put together a smash hit titled "I Don't See You Niggas" (IDSYN) featuring Wizibeatz, Tumi Tladi and GingerTrill.

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IDSYN is a single that I made as a way to communicate to all the people who put me down that I simply do not see them anymore. I am determined to make my mark in this industry and I want kids out there to listen to this single and watch the music video so that they can see that it doesn’t matter what people say, you don’t have to pay attention to those who undermine your abilities. The track got the streets jumping and it was a hit. You may check this video on my YouTube account."

"I am now working with A-Reece, Flame, Tweezy, Maraza, BigStar, Zingah, Priddy Ugly, KimoSabe, Zoocci Coke Dope etc. Look out for more dope music from my stable. My latest track is a song/music video titled "Show Up" featuring A-Reece, Zoocci Coke Dope and Flame. I also have another single coming titled "IBVANI NDILANI/Suka Endleneni"-meaning "get out of the way"-a combination of Venda and Zulu indigenous languages of South Africa. In the track I am featuring Tweezy, Yanga and Maraza. As a Dj I am also on a mission to bring various artists with different styles and talents together one track and fuse them to make unique music. This unites artists. I am humbled by how the artists that I have worked with so far believed in me. I learn so much from them and mature each time I work with an artist. There is so much that the industry can benefit from collaborations."

South African music producer J Smash interview

"In five years’ time from now I want to see myself as one of the best producers/DJs with a successful J-Smash brand. I want to see myself as one of those DJs/producers who would have changed the game, come with a different sound and make something unique in the music industry. I would like to see myself travelling the world, having my own tours/shows and collaborating with international artists. That's what drives me to do music. I have started working with people who have been in the industry for a while, they give me guidance and advice which makes it easy for me to fit in the industry."

Watch the space...

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