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Influenced by the sound of 90's Hip Hop Skully drops Fully Loaded with rap royalty NORE

Music is your passion. How did it all start?

Music has always been a part of my upbringing. Being from the Philadelphia area the hip-hop culture has always been prevalent. I was a member of a crew from my neighbourhood but I moved to Tampa in 1999. By that time, I was already nice with the bars because we were just coming off the wu-tang biggie era and moving towards the southern era. So my timing was perfect. As soon as I moved to Tampa I met "Rook" from the Grammy Award winning production staff. "Justice League" He played me some beats and they were literally the best I ever heard, and got down with his crew.

“Fully Loaded”. Tell us about this project.

Fully loaded is a time capsule of the Tampa club scene. Being a member of the Vegaz Boyz, which was founded by my closest homie "Eddie Vegaz" who is currently serving a 10-year sentence, we had the Tampa nightlife in the palm of our hands. VIP veterans for real. So the song is just a reflection of the lifestyle.

Where did the inspiration for this song come from?

As far as inspiration for the record, it was pretty easy. The beat dictated the energy of the record. All I had to do is tap into reality and flashback on true events inspired by the Tampa club scene.

What is your relationship with N.O.R.E. and how did he join in?

My relationship with NORE is based on a previous relationship built by my label. They called the play and I executed it. But I literally grew up on the NORE and CNN wave in the 90's. Those early records literally helped shape my style and identity as an artist. So respect to the legend, it was an honor to be side by side on a track with him.

How would you describe your music philosophy and style?

When it comes to my music philosophy, I was spawned out of arguably one of the most epic periods of Hip Hop. So I intend to follow the tradition of quality lyrics and quality records. I come from an era were you put your all in every bar. So you can expect that level of quality on every record.

Who influenced you the most in your music career?

To be honest, the single most influential role in Hip Hop is hands down Nas.

Do you have any planned appearances or gigs for the near future?

Currently we're just working the single and letting it grow, then target the right market. But you can contact us directly for booking on my website or follow me on my social media outlets…

Are you working on or planning to release any other albums/songs?

Right now we're putting the finishing touches on my debut album. The album takes you inside the Vegaz Boyz inner workings, and how we were able to manipulate the night life to our advantage, and do it on an unforgettable epic level. Quality bangers straight through.

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