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“I recorded 15 songs in my bathtub yesterday.” #Musicmoney meets Comatose Red Ivy

Where are you from?

I’m from a place that is timeless, so timeless indeed I speak normally in triple time on Earth, a place that can not be measured or weighed and sound and light travel at the course of each individual's needs. I’m from Ivy’s Cyanide Dream is the world I came from but in that world I lived in a country named Psilocybe Unitarianism Utopia Planetarian.

Describe your sound:

Oh wow, you just did. . . sound, I make sound and humans put it in categories so they think they can understand it. I make Sound, every track is its own entity, not comparable or related to the next. Every track freestyle, first try every try recorded. I have over 1600 songs in 5 months, I’ll think of a theme or topic, hold the microphone up to my mouth and waalaa, IT DOES IT BY ITSELF!

Tell us about your latest track:

Wonder which one that is and where? I recorded 15 songs in my bathtub yesterday. (4 hours later)—6 more songs and I’m back. The last track I recorded was a country diss track, revved up cowboy slam them down shoot em up fun!

Who inspires you?

Currently my killer, that is a piece of shyt killer can’t even get the job done, I’m about to fire him and hire a new killer, actually I’m sending my 1st music video to the police just moments after it is uploaded to YouTube and copy to an unknown location, so I guess taking out my Murderers finally is my inspiration, even though I already ran up on them but they took off afraid of a Walking Dead Bytch.

Where do you see your career in 5 years?

Ha well being as it started in one day and I’ve never even tried probably will own the phussy lame as phuck music industry, I’ll Own Interscope, Paramount, Capitol Records etc etc,, ban mumble rap and bring back Death Row Records under my ownership.

Where can we check out your sounds?

Anywhere on Earth there is music, I always tell everyone to Google Me: Comatose Red Ivy

Tell us something about yourself that people need to know:

I’m a transgender woman, voice actor, writer and network administrator, never rapped a day in my life or ever even thought about it before October 16th 2020, uploaded my first song October 30 2020 (TRANNY WRECK) and now have 1600 songs verified around the world on every platform and rappers need to fear me, I’m medically Prodigious Savant.

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