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I am still experimenting with different sounds and styles #musicmoney chats to Roc Flowerz

Where are you from?

I am originally from Prato, Italy although I have lived most of my life in the US (Chicago and Greensboro) as well as some years in Madrid and Casablanca.

Describe your sound:

I would describe my sound as eclectic and different, mixing neo soul with new jazz along with rap/hip-hop, I am still experimenting with different sounds and styles.

Tell us about your latest track:

My latest track name is Solea, out on all platforms. It’s a song about the divine feminine and the power of the sun. I wrote it while in the Canary Islands.

Who inspires you?

I am inspired by just about anything, whether it be music I like, dislike or someone walking down the street.

Where do you see your career in 5 years?

In five years I hope to be producing songwriting for other artists as well as continuing to create myself.

Where can we check out your sounds?

My sounds can be found on all platforms and I am just getting started with the release of my music.

Tell us something about yourself that people need to know:

I would like people to know that for me music is a deep and insightful process where I go deeper into my sense of self to create sounds and lyrics. I believe in the flow state, in general in life but especially while creating.

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