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Checking out the brand new banger Pretty Boy from New Jersey talent @gabitheartist

Montclair New Jersey’s own Gabi The Artist band just released their original song “Pretty Boy” now on digital streaming platforms. The band also released a Pretty Boy music video and got some unexpected help from the local business Montclair Brewery, who allowed them to use their brewery during a day they are normally closed for brewing. Gabi The Artist has the honor of being the first music video ever filmed at the Montclair Brewery and they are grateful for the support.

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Gabi The Artist energizes listeners with the fun beat and timeless message of Pretty Boy. The song is a reminder for people of all ages that true beauty comes from within. Gabi says, "Never let any “Boy” (or girl), no matter how “Pretty”, diminish your self worth. Honor yourself, protect your heart, believe in yourself and follow your intuition. Fall in love with a person’s soul, not just their pretty face.” Pretty Boy was created by Gabi The Artist and features lyricist (and Gabi's younger sister) Freck Face Lauri who can frequently be seen “jumping on stage” during live performances to entertain the crowd with her lyrics and her sass.

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