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"I did a 1 take perfect verse on a Dj Premier track I also did it on a Dr Dre track @RasKass

Tell us about your Previously Unreleased Classic “Van Gogh” album and why it is finally being unveiled!?

It's been almost 20years and I finally had the right opportunity with Herc to design the project the way I retrospectively would have released it. I also finally recovered versions of some songs that we initially couldn’t have released due to sample clearance problems.

Tell us a little about what was going on in your life at the time...

At the time it was about the year 2000, I was going through a lot of career pressure and personal/relationship stress; me and my girlfriend had broken up and the indie record label was being absorbed by a major label. Many people in the company were busy submitting resumes anticipating being fired once the merger happened so nobody was really doing their jobs and I sensed (correctly) my album was going to fall through the cracks.

So it was a low point in my career becuz I could feel my opportunity slipping away but I knew the artists and producers around me believed in what we were making so I resigned myself to make the best album under the circumstances even if the record company foiled it. Hence, Van Gogh. He was only considered great postmortem and died penniless

When was it recorded and what should hip hop heads expect from the album?

2000. It’s a time capsule of my journey after Rasassination

Soul on Ice was one of our personal favourite classic Hip hop albums, more than 20 years later tell us about Soul on Ice 2 and how the Indiegogo campaign for your anniversary album is going?

The indiegogo campaign was really for Intellectual Property which released last year, is essentially The Empire Strikes Back of the SOI trilogy. SOI2 will be the third and final installment. . We did offer a select few the opportunity to get SOI2 advance downloads.

It’s 80% complete and I’m hoping to add a few other very special producers and artists to solidify its sickness

With social media nowadays, is it easier for an old school artist to touch new fans around the world then it was when you were coming up?

Yes totally it’s as simple as a post to FB/Twitter/IG and you can potentially reach the entire would now. That wasn’t possible pre-internet

Rass Kass

Who inspires you in modern Hip hop?

Everyone and No One.

What is your career highlight so far?

The entire journey. I call it BARdom. There’s a song by that name on IP featuring KRS One so check that out to get an idea of what I mean

Rass Kass interview  x #musicmoney

Favourite show of all time?

And are you touring at the moment - If so where can we catch you?

Too many to mention. Right now the second season of West World just started. And all things Marvel.

Where do you see your career in 5 years?

Postion solidified. Financially solvent. Less touring and more artist development. Still lyrically setting the bar higher than most people that get credit for being cutting edge or woke.

Where can we check out your sounds?

@ras_kass via instagram

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Tell us something about yourself that the people need to know:

I've written Nature of the Threat, Interview with the Vampire, and am only 1 of 3 people I know who did a 1-take perfect verse on a Dj Premier track. Also did it on a Dr Dre track before too.

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