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"I am 65 years old I believed in a dream a feeling in my heart" #musicmoney x Helen DeBaker Vorce

Where are you from?

I am Country, Singer/Songwriter, Helen DeBaker-Vorce

I was born in Escanaba, Mi., but I now live in Gaylord, Mi.

Describe your sound:

My sound : Melodious, Mellow, Country, Easy listening, Heartfelt.

Tell us about your latest track:

This track is off my 10 original song CD:

This song is called, “HEART OF YOURS (that stole mine)

This song I wrote when I was at a very low point in my life.

and then “out of the blue” I was rescued by love.

#musicmoney x Helen DeBaker Vorce

Who inspires you?

My Fans, My family, My very talented lead guitarist husband, Phil Vorce.

Famous people : For their perseverance and talent: Loretta Lynn, Dolly Parton, Willy Nelson. These folks (and many other Classic Country Artist) blazed the trail for me.

Their music has been my roots and influence throughout my Singing & Songwriting career. My rocks!

Where do you see your career in 5 years?

From a very young age, I felt and really believed I was going to be famous one day and My music would be heard around the world.

I would say to myself, I will make it by 25 years old, then 35, then 45, then 55. Now I am 65 years old. I believed in a dream, A feeling in my heart that it was really going to happen, but now, the only hope I have is, “My Music”.

My Music will live long past me and that's all I have to hang onto.

I am still gripping onto that one last one last straw I have left, Still hoping, Still dreaming of success. I think that seed God planted in my soul will keep struggling to break through the ground until the day I die. It is so foolish of me to keep trying and working towards something that no doubt, at my age would never be possible, but yet, here I am still trying to stay in the game. And I wonder everyday. Why do I keep believing, Why do I keep doing this to myself, Why do I continue on, when all my efforts lead to a dead end street, WHY? I cannot explain it, but...

My wish is in 5 years or sooner is that one of my original songs will be playing in an elevator or a store, somewhere, Anywhere.

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Where can we check out your sounds:

More about the artist from her perspective:

I have been singing and writing songs since a very young age.

Throughout my career I have always worked and played music in a Band on the weekends.

There is so much to say and not enough time to say all the things I have been involved in musically.

I tried out for the “You Can Be a Star” Show and stood on the “Star” on the “Grand Ole Opry” Stage. Nashville, Tenn., I won and entered many, Wrangler/Colgate singing contest, In 2010, I appeared on the “Shotgun Red Show”with “Steve Hall”, I entered many of my songs into songwriting contest, I had a “Bakersfield Recording contract out of, Bakersfield, California, My CD was recorded and produced by “Mike Johnsons Productions and Panda Productions, Hendersonville, Tenn., One of my songs, I JUST WANT YOUR LOVE” was produced at the “Kitty Wells recording studio(The Junction) in Madison, Tenn. while with “Don Reed Productions, I was sign with Wunder Publishing, Stephensville, Texas.

I am also a Nurse, even though I am retired, I still keep my license up to date, because I worked so hard for it.

Not so many years ago, Myself and My husband, Phil, were on the road with our professional Showband, “CenterStage” opening and backing up many Nashville headline entertainers when they performed in the Michigan area.

Now, Together we gig on the week-ends in Northern Michigan, at clubs not so far from our home.

We have a fantastic Fan family and we love them all so much !

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